Laying siberian peashrub hedge English-style – FOLLOW-UP

February 28, 2016 in Gardening, Homesteading, Permaculture by Claude

It’s all good and well to write a post about hedge-laying siberian pea shrub, but then what? Did it live? Did it shrivel and die? Well, I’m glad to say, it lived, and in fact it thrived. Here are some pictures of the first signs of life in the spring after laying the hedge as a hedgerow:

IMG_1507 IMG_1513 IMG_1522 IMG_1524

It took a little longer than usual for the fist buds to show. Or maybe that was just my impression because I was so anxiously waiting to see a sign of life from the hedge, so that I knew I hadn’t killed it. As it turns out, I hadn’t killed any of it and I was very excited to see the hedge bloom, and even make flowers during the summer:

IMG_1614 IMG_2554

The next spring I had pruned the Siberian pea shrub hedge back a little to give it some shape and to avoid the same kind of raggedy growth that had caused the hedge to be in such poor shape before I laid it. As you can see on the next picture, the hedge already has some height to it after one growing season, so laying does give quite a solid head start over coppicing. I expect it to get high enough next summer to function as a privacy hedge again.


So, in conclusion, I can say that, yes, Siberian pea shrub can be laid as a hedgerow and it seems to do it no harm at all. Also, the process of hedge laying isn’t exactly rocket science, and can be accomplished with some common sense and a lot of hard work. I used a hand saw to make all my cuts because I was afraid I would inadvertently chop some good branches off, if I used an axe or a billhook. The saw takes longer, but it’s less risky wit the relatively thin branches that Caragana arborescens makes, and it paid off.